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About The McDowell Center

Mission Statement:
To deliver high quality treatment, education, guidance, and encouragement for troubled adolescents as America's trusted national provider of youth services.

The McDowell Center is a 28 bed residential treatment center for adolescent males ages 12-18 who are experiencing mental health, behavioral, and/or substance abuse issues. The program is designed to ensure a supportive and structured environment that considers the individual's educational, emotional, and behavioral needs. This is accomplished by establishing a positive culture among the residents, reinforcing the proper choices, and promoting healthier, pro-social problem solving methods. The staff of McDowell assists the residents in accomplishing these goals by modeling appropriate communication skills, providing consistency in rule enforcement, and treating residents with patience, respect, and dignity. Additionally, a resident's active involvement in individual, group, and family therapy are essential components of the therapeutic process.

McDowell prides itself on providing a safe and secure environment for residents and staff. We accomplish this by equipping staff with the sufficient knowledge and skill to provide structure and support to our residents while maintaining a calm and therapeutic demeanor. On-going training and competency-based evaluations are conducted to ensure staff's skills remain at a very high level of ability and professionalism. All potential staff members must complete a thorough background check and pass a comprehensive drug screen. Once hired, all staff members receive numerous training experiences and job shadowing with experienced staff before training is completed. Also, McDowell is one of the few programs in which many staff members hold the Residential Child and Youth Care Professional Certification.

We are licensed by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities and accredited by the Joint Commission. The McDowell Center is conveniently located to West Tennessee and Eastern Arkansas. For further information or directions to the center please call: 1.866.301.7076.