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Programs and Services

Mental Health Track

This level of care provides treatment for adolescents who need long-term, inpatient care for psychiatric and/or behavioral issues. Treatment focuses on clinical topics such as anger management, healthy coping skills, alcohol and drug education, values/ethical development, stress management, and coping with peer pressure. Services include individual, group and family counseling. Oversight of these services is provided by a licensed psychiatrist, and clinical services are implemented by nurses, community counselors, activity/recreation staff, Master's Level and licensed therapists.

Substance Abuse Track

The Substance Abuse track addresses the same issues as our residential services, but addition topics and focus of treatment include alcohol and drug education, relapse prevention plan development, and introduction to support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. In addition to the licensed psychiatrist, clinical oversight is provided by a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

Dual Diagnosis Track

McDowell offers a separate program for adolescent males with a diagnosis of both a psychiatric disorder and a diagnosis of Mild Mental Retardation (IQ range from 50-70). This program is housed separately from the general population and is staffed with specifically trained staff, including Community Counselors, Special Education Teachers and Master's Level therapists. The program, which began in 2005, has been very successful in assisting residents in gaining the skills necessary to return to their school, social and home environments. The McDowell Center Dual Diagnosis track is one of the few programs in the country treating these residents with such a low staff to client ratio and in a specialized way that helps both the individual and family cope with their specific treatment issues.